New Nostalgia

Inspired by the treasures of nature and the wonder of grandmother's treasure chest, we are always looking for the most special vintage finds. "Beautiful old jewelry that lent itself to dreaming away with the history and stories behind it. Now, twenty-five years later, I have been able to turn that passion into my work!" – Founder Bente Ros

At gbop we collect the most special and unique  products from all over the world,we maintain legacy and hope to contribute to the creation of new nostalgia.

Whether it's a vintage item or piece of jewelry from our own gbop collection; all jewelry is made of solid gold so that they can last a lifetime and they can just become part of your granddaughter's treasury.

In addition to the drive to maintain beauty, we also help Mother Nature by depleting fewer natural resources and re-appreciating what was already there.

We continue to expand our range to surprise, decorate, amaze you and make new memories. Because together we (re)create the story!

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